Tunde Sodipe scout

Personal Info

Full name: Tunde Sodipe
Nationality: United Kingdom(Eu Passport)
Memeber since: Feb.2018

About me

I am a player scout and a tactical scout, I am involved in evaluating talented footballer from all over the world, with a view of signing a professional contract for players.I have the global reach to make your dreams come true.

Current Club

Current Club: Black Pool FC, United Kingdom
Club Division: 1 division

Regions of activity

Nigeria , Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Ghana, Cameroon, France, Germany, Belgium, Ivory Coast, Russia, Portugal

Contact Info

Email: sodipetunde@yahoo.com
Telephone: +2348033748640
Website: /
Skype: tunde.sodipe


Sodiq Animashuan

Country: Nigeria

Age: 18

Position: Attacking midfielder


Country: Nigeria

Age: 25

Position: Right back

Emenekwe Omenekwe

Country: Nigeria

Age: 23

Position: Central midfielder