Claude Sami scout

Personal Info

Full name: Claude Sami
Nationality: Ivory Coast
Memeber since: Oct.2017

About me

We are specialized all football scouting events in West Africa: - Scouting players in games - Screening sessions (group trials and tournaments) - Video shooting sessions - Etc...

Current Club

Current Club: /
Club Division: /

Regions of activity

Ivory Coast, Senegal , Ghana, Guinea, Cameroon, Nigeria

Contact Info

Telephone: +22559832053
Website: /
Skype: Sacom80


Paul Ghislain TCHAKE

Country: Ivory Coast

Age: 27

Position: Central forward

Fangassi Ange SORO

Country: Ivory Coast

Age: 24

Position: Central forward


Country: Guinea-Bissau

Age: 21

Position: Defensive midfielder


Paul Ghislain TCHAKE 2010-07-01
ASI Abengourou ( Ivory Coast) ,2 division Al Nawair ( Syria ) ,1 division