Ayilara Ridwan scout

Personal Info

Full name: Ayilara Ridwan
Nationality: Nigeria
Memeber since: Jul.2019

About me

I'm a talented football player Scout and tactical Scout. I scout for technically gifted players from city to city in local and nation wide. I work close by with coaches and team managers, taking note of what they are looking for in recruits. When I am not out scouting players, I research other teams and catch, every game on T.V, on the road from city to city, high schools, colleges, and amateur leagues. My matching experience For 10 years I worked as scout and coach  To redefine fitness and potentiality for professionals, negotiates with them and obtain service  Review prospects exhibition past performance records  Scouted over 15 players who has been selected abroad  Scouted children, players, persons sighted for future recruitment  Plan strategies, choose team members for individual games or sport season  Plan directly physical condition program that will enable athletes to achieve maximum perform  File scout report that detail players assessment, provide recommendations on athlete recruitment and identify location individual to be targeted for future recruitment efforts  Arrange conduct sports related activities like training camp, skill-improvement courses, clinics and pre-reasons try outs. With preparedness and hopes I look forward to working with you. Yours sincerely,

Current Club

Current Club: Knight football club , Nigeria
Club Division: 2 division

Regions of activity

Nigeria , Nigeria

Contact Info

Email: damilareayilara@gmail.com
Telephone: +2348092832019
Website: /
Skype: /


Yusuf Hafiz

Country: Nigeria

Age: 22

Position: Attacking midfielder