Akinwale Victory Eko scout

Personal Info

Full name: Akinwale Victory Eko
Nationality: Portugal
Memeber since: Oct.2018

About me

A sport company, football academy Owner. Footballers manager with experience of professionalism. My main object is scout for young players, develop them, morally and physically and expose them in professional way. With the help of some great Coaches and Soccer Pro theory and practical. At the moment we have some great talented players, we can always talk on partnership and granting our young players opportunity in your club.

Current Club

Current Club: Sky Sports Partners Football Club & Academy, Nigeria
Club Division: 2 division

Regions of activity

Portugal, Nigeria , United Kingdom, Russia, Mozambique

Contact Info

Email: info.spfa@gmail.com
Telephone: /
Website: /
Skype: /