Hrvoje Cavar Professional

Personal Info

Full name: Hrvoje Cavar
Nationality: Croatia(Eu Passport)
Date of birth: 26.May.1991 (29)
Gender: Male
Weight: 68 kg
Height: 180 cm

My Conditions

i am looking for a agent that can represent me in a search for a proffesional contract

Promo Video:

Uploaded at: 21.Jun.2019

Freestyle Video:

Uploaded at: 21.Jun.2019


Position Field
1st Position: Left winger
2nd Position: Right winger
3th Position: Left back
Strong foot: Both

Current Club

Current Club NK Čepin, Croatia
Club Division: 3 division
Contract Status: Free



Season Team League Matches Goals Assits
Season:2018/2019 Team:NK Čepin, Croatia League:3 division Matches:30 Goals:5 Assits:8 Yellow Cards:9 Red Cards:0